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Failure Diagnosis Service
Product & Process
Bozilla Corporation can provide Failure Diagnosis for both Product and Process.
More often than not, product and process issues are addressed non-scientifically by simply
changing any one variable and hoping the problem is solved.  
Bozilla Corporation can utilizes scientific methods which can identify the root cause and solve
the problem.   

  • Moldflow Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Experience with similar products/issues  
  • In-depth knowledge of polymers

  • Start up times for a tool takes too long or start up time on the same tool varies from machine to
  • The process has variation and you are producing too many bad parts
  • The parts seem to be fine but are failing in the field which causes customer dissatisfaction and
    more work/costs for you  

Lean your process and can potentially save you money.

If you are experiencing similar issues, there may be a solution.  Bozilla Corporation may be able to
help by using Failure Diagnosis (for both Product and Process).
This type of diagnosis requires procedures and knowledge such as:
We will implement our procedures in order to attempt to solve typical issues such as:
The Failure Diagnosis procedures can further:
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