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Bozilla Corp Veteran Owned Business

We are a Veteran Owned Business

Chris is an Airforce Veteran who served as a welder, carpenter and sheet metal manufacturer in the Civil Engineering Squadron at a pot near USAF headquarters, Ramstein. AFB called Einsiedlherhof. He served a tour in Iraq and Turkey in 1992 during Operation Desert Sheild/Storm.

Plastics Educated/Field Experienced/Proven Success

Bozilla Corporation is a Plastics Engineering Consulting Company with a primary focus on the Injection Molding Industry. Our core business is providing expert injection molding support for our clients by utilizing our 20+ years of experience, education and skills in injection molding, both analytically and on the floor.

Optimizing part and tool design using the full suite of Autodesk Moldflow software and being Expert Certified assists us in gaining insight into our client’s projects so we can capture vital technical information before they make the mold to ensure their projects’ success.

Additionally, because we are plastics engineers we understand polymers and the intricacies involved with plastics injection molding.  This valuable knowledge allows us to properly manage, predict and assist our clients in achieving a favorable outcome with all of their projects, while saving both time and money.

Our success is built on providing the highest level of Plastic Injection Molding Consulting and Simulation to businesses which have:

  • Very short lead times
  • Want to produce parts correctly the first time
  • Require the most efficient molding process

We are Expert (Gold) Certified with Autodesk which is the highest level of certification, allowing us to provide the highest degree of quality to each and every project. Additionally because of our advanced knowledge of Plastics, we act as an Expert Advisor on the General Motors Plastics Development Board of Advisors.

Bozilla Corporation provides Exceptional Service

We give each project undivided attention by updating our customers’ project progress utilizing online meetings where we show our customers’ project results, including animation, in real time.

This type of real-time interaction promotes immediate solution management leading to quicker change implementation on projects, which can ultimately shorten project lead times by hours if not days.

Chris Czeczuga President Bozilla Corporation

Meet Our President

President, Chris Czeczuga, is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts gaining a Bachelors Degree in Plastics Engineering. Chris was previously employed by Moldflow Corporation and Synventive Molding Solutions (formerly Dynisco Hot Runners). At Synventive Molding Solutions, Chris worked together with Moldflow Corporation to incorporate Synventive’s patented Dynamic Feed functionality into the Moldflow Software (Patent 20040047935).

Plastics Engineering Degreed, 20+ years of Field Experience, Intimate Knowledge of Polymers, Part, Process, Tool and Feed System Design.

  • With intimate Autodesk Moldflow software knowledge, Polymer knowledge, unlimited variations of feed system & process expertise, field experience, and networking relationships, Chris provides an extensive solution base for your projects.
  • Our engineers and independent contractors provide the necessary support to accommodate large work influxes which keeps our overhead low and costs for our customers even lower while minimizing turn around time.
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