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As Injection Molding Specialists, Bozilla Corporation is passionate about the plastics industry as it relates to injection molding.

The intention of this page is to bring forward those companies and individuals whose sole purpose is to improve manufacturing’s management strategies, efficiency, accountability, leadership, process, product and development programs that lead to success.

Transformational Industries

transformational 360The 360 Business Transformation is a proven model that delivers breakthrough results. This model has been designed specifically for the plastic industry, but has no limits in its transformation philosophy and can be applied to any industry. Company size does not matter. This proven process can be applied to small privately held organizations, middle-market companies, or global corporations. It is scalable and customizable to fit your company’s needs. 

The model has five key areas of concentration. At the heart of the transformation is a Lean / Continuous Improvement methodology. In addition the 360 Business Transformation™ model includes Strategy, Execution, Culture & Structure, and Best Practices. 

This holistic approach to total business transformation gives our clients a unique opportunity to work with industry experts who help transform your company into a world-class enterprise.

How it Works

Actionable Data – Our team begins your transformation by using data to drive our focus on how to best serve you and your companies needs.

Lean – Throughout the entire process, we implement lean thinking to guide our decision making.

Strategy – To ensure accountability and alignment within the company, we ensure clear goals are established up front.

Execution – We will go over your accountability structure and provide real time data and visual control systems.

Best Practices – Everyone’s business is unique, so we take a customized approach when looking at what technology your team may need to succeed.

Culture & Structure – This ensures we will have the proper capabilities to deliver results and that your team can maintain those results.

Meet Tony Jonas

CEO for Transformational Industries

Tony Jonas has 25+ years of leadership experience including managing a multi-site $500M business. Tony has also developed a comprehensive continuous improvement strategy for a $16 Billion multi-national corporation. His industry segment experience includes plastics, textiles, rubber, metal forming, electronics, assembly, and multiple service industries.

Tony is a Lean Expert (Master Sensei and Six Sigma Master Black Belt). His lean journey began in 1990 with multiple trips to Japan studying TPS and direct training from Toyota. He has led several companies through the lean transformation. Tony led the development of a continuous improvement strategy for Lear Corporation where he integrated Lean and Six Sigma and developed a new annual strategic planning system utilizing Hoshin Kanri (Strategy Deployment). His efforts led to a $120 Million annual cost reduction initiative across their 32 manufacturing facilities in North America. He has worked in multiple industries implementing Lean strategies such as automotive, commercial, industrial, health care, aerospace and defense.

Tony has created numerous Lean organizations and his latest transformation was where he created a lean enterprise as the Chief Operating Officer for Keter’s North American operations. He had the opportunity to integrate lean into all business practices including launching 2 greenfield sites where he utilized the 3P process and established 100% one-piece flow lean facilities. In addition he integrated an acquired facility into the organization and started them on their Lean journey. Lean was utilized not only in the manufacturing facilities, but also in product development, supply chain management, and office practices. While sales for the business grew from $240 Million to $500 Million, the labor cost reduced at a 5% YOY rate while significantly increasing labor rates for the employees. Profitability grew from -3% to over 18% EBITDA, resulting in the value creation of over $250M.

As the Founder of Transformational Industries, Tony is dedicated to partnering with his clients, helping them create value, improve productivity and customer service and ultimately become a world class Lean enterprise.