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Welcome to Bozilla Corporations plastics engineering, optimization, and consultation blog. We highlight FEA optimization, failure diagnosis, and training topics for the plastics injection molding industry.

Recycled Resin- The Question and the Caution

By Bozilla
October 27, 2023

It is essential to know that the reclamation process breaks the polymer's molecular structure down, making it lesser quality because the properties of that original polymer have been degraded

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Medical Device Success-Faster to Market/Optimal results

By Bozilla
August 14, 2023

Medical companies want to know how to get to market faster with the lowest cost while also achieving optimal patient outcomes, with an injection molded medical device 3 critical components need to be included to achieve success. Are they a part of your design process?

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End Part Failure due to Mold Filling Imbalance

By Bozilla
June 7, 2023

Is Part quality and performance of your injection molded part important? Do you enjoy spending that extra time and money having your tool reworked? How about the pleasure of explaining the faulty part to your OEM? Let’s get real. Balance your tool analytically before mold steel is cut-NO EXCEPTIONS! If you ignore this step, there […]

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STOP doing this to Cooling Circuits!

By Bozilla
May 2, 2023

If cooling circuits are not equally balanced, then the flow rate will be different in each circuit resulting in differential heat removal from each circuit and a non-uniformly cooled mold

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Lean Tool Validation for Injection Molding

By Bozilla
April 19, 2023

  Lean Tool validation for injection molding means developing a more efficient process that benefits the environment; Reduces CO2, and saves costs.  Bozilla uses “cutting-edge” proprietary techniques developed over 21 years in the injection molding industry to determine if a tool can be optimized and brought back to life in its most efficient state. A […]

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