Plastic Pros Podcast

Meet Chris Czeczuga, a seasoned plastics engineer, injection molding strategiest, and educator with over 20 years dedicated to the injection molding industry.

His expertise centers on injection molding, diving deep into the intricate world of plastics. From understanding their chemical complexities to their real-world applications, Chris’s passion lies in enhancing plastic injection molding, and molding processes. Proficient in root cause analysis and an Expert in the Autodesk Moldflow software, he’s launched this podcast to enlighten, educate, and engage individuals across the diverse spectrum of the plastics industry.

Join him on this journey to uncover the secrets, stories, and solutions within the fascinating realm of plastics.

Episode #1: Using Recycled Plastics for Injection Molding-Question & Caution

What really happens when we use recycled plastics for injection molding? This question has sparked much debate, and in this enlightening episode, we take you on a journey through the life cycle of injection molding plastics. We’ll expose the reasons behind the industry’s mistrust of recycled materials, the quality inconsistencies, and the environmental factors that are causing this skepticism.