Lean Tool Validation for Injection Molding

Lean tool validation video


Lean Tool validation for injection molding means developing a more efficient process that benefits the environment; Reduces CO2, and saves costs.  Bozilla uses “cutting-edge” proprietary techniques developed over 21 years in the injection molding industry to determine if a tool can be optimized and brought back to life in its most efficient state.

A typical scenario entails a company contacting Bozilla to make a tool more efficient or bring a tool back to life.  We would ask them to send us everything about the tool, including CAD drawings, 3D part and tool drawings, machine process settings, current tool status, and other pertinent information about the tool.

Analyze data for mold


Bozilla will investigate all areas of inefficiency, outline suggestions, and provide a proposal.  During the beginning phase, there will be no up-front cost.  The company then determines which recommendations can be practically implemented, and Bozilla provides a cost and time estimate.  Should the customer accept the proposal, the work can begin immediately.

Some examples of tools Bozilla has efficiently improved include those that have been cut wrong (tool dimensions did not match part specifications/dimensions), fouled cooling channels,  a poorly designed feed system(both hot and cold), cycle times that are excessive or are known to be inefficient and even tools that have been sidelined due to inefficiency.

Once the project has started, the type of work performed is analytical where Bozilla models the current design and conditions in a virtual world using Autodesk Moldflow Insight.

Optimize tool process


Initially, our team would identify areas of the process that can be optimized, make those changes and continue to further optimize the process.  Once the process has been deemed efficient (based on the tool design, coolant flow rate, and other factors), the customer will have an opportunity to review and make as many changes as possible, which may or may not include tool modifications (such as adding cooling lines). It is not always apparent that a tool is underperforming unless a thorough investigation is performed.   Each potential issue is identified accordingly, and proposed changes are provided to create a streamlined, lean running tool that will be lean and profitable.

Some examples of proposed changes may include instrumenting the tool correctly,  determining pump efficiency, reducing cycle times, increasing temperature control, minimizing process variation, reducing energy consumption (creating less CO2),  recapturing costs from tools that have been shelved or sidelined, and many more.

Solution for optimizing tools

After a full analytical investigation, final results based on all accepted changes are provided as an overall solution package.

This lean validation system was created due to repeat customer requests to find a solution to make their current tools more efficient or to find a means to render shelved tools usable again.

Are you aware that your tool may not performing efficiently?

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