Episode #1: Using Recycled Plastics for Injection Molding-Question & Caution


recycled plastic podcast transcription

What really happens when we use recycled plastics for injection molding? This question has sparked much debate, and in this enlightening episode, we take you on a journey through the life cycle of injection molding plastics. We’ll expose the reasons behind the industry’s mistrust of recycled materials, the quality inconsistencies, and the environmental factors that are causing this skepticism.

Ever wondered about the challenges of using recycled plastics in injection molding? We’ve got you covered. We’ll scrutinize the need for greater control in the recycling process, the design changes OEMs need to consider, and the potential of downcycling parts from the recycled stream. We’ll also illuminate the crucial role of testing methods in predicting the quality of injection molded parts made from recycled materials. This episode promises a deep understanding of the interplay between the plastics and automotive industry, and the future of recycled materials.

You’ll hear all about:

Recycled plastics for injection molding
Feedback from floor
Deep Dive into recycled plastics
Plastic in recycled form
Chain Scission
Loss of Properties
Control quality
How recyclers control product
Test methods
3rd parties reclaiming plastic
Design parts for recycled material
Down-cycling of plastic part