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Creating a Virtual Plastics Injection Molding Window

By Bozilla
April 27, 2022

It is necessary to first create a virtual plastics injection molding window and how that data can be translated to the floor in order to have the best injection molding window possible

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The Reality of Core Shift- Is this happening to You?

By Bozilla
March 23, 2022

Core shift is not always obvious or suspected. Recently, Bozilla Corporation was called upon to investigate a part that was warping differently and more than expected. The customer had a flow simulation conducted by a third party and the warpage results did not match the actual part data. Sometimes part warpage does not match the flow simulation and […]

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Accuracy of Flow Simulation on Plastics Injection Molding machine

By Bozilla
March 15, 2022

the simulation engineer must have a complete and comprehensive understanding of plastics in order to be able to properly simulate the plastics injection molding process.

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3D Printing vs. Plastics Injection Molding

By Bozilla
February 8, 2022

3D printing has been available for decades. There are several reasons it has only begun to gain traction. In this article, we will explore some reasons why has there been so much interest in 3D printing in recent years and how it compares with injection molding. 3D printing began as a method of creating a prototype part […]

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Impact of Fiber Orientation on Part Quality & Deflection

By Bozilla
January 17, 2022

  For Plastics Injection Molding, the addition of glass or carbon fiber into a polymer is initiated to typically strengthen and increase stiffness in a part. There are significant factors that must be considered when fiber is added that will have an impact on part quality and deflection. These include: Material viscosity Material type (i.e. crystalline, […]

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