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Cold Sprue vs. Hot Runner Technology

By Bozilla
December 15, 2021

when is it truly practical to design a cold sprue into a part or feed system? 

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Key Factors in a Reliable Plastics Injection Molding Simulation Report

By Bozilla
November 30, 2021

What are the key factors necessary for a reliable plastics injection molding report?

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Is this the correct Injection Molding Machine for your Tool?

By Bozilla
November 8, 2021

Is clamp force the only determining factor when determining the type of injection molding machine you need?

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Valve Gates and Sequencing-for injection molding

By Bozilla
August 24, 2021

Valve Gates are invaluable as they relate to their primary design purpose and have many important functions.  They can: ✔ Eliminate waste that cold runners create ✔ Eliminate vestige ✔ Be sequenced ✔ Eliminate weld lines ✔ Control filling patterns However, users should be aware that there are a few potential issues that could come […]

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Can Gate Location Really affect Part Warpage?

By Bozilla
August 17, 2021

Based on part geometry, gate location(s) will determine how the polymer fills the cavity.  If the cavity doesn’t fill in a balanced/uniform fashion, the internal stresses will be anisotropic- meaning non-uniform properties.  So it is important to place a gate in a location such that the polymer flowfront fills the cavity at a uniform rate […]

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